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Our award winning work educates and creates social impact 
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SBCC and C4D programs, Documentary, Films, Radio, Live Plays, Training...
Educational Media that spark the imagination. 

We're an award winning, end-to-end film production house expert in creating educational and social/behavior change media.
We discover compelling stories and bring them to life through exquisite productions.

Who says education should be boring? We find and tell stories all over the world in every kind of location—

from factory floors to preschools, from the White House to remote villages in developing countries. 


We've interviewed dozens of VIPs, shot narrative films in public and private settings, and told countless stories

of regular people doing extraordinary things—farmers, vendors, military personnel, moms, teachers, and kids. 


One of our specialties is scripted social impact entertainment-driven programs, from web series', to short films,

to animations, to live programs. These programs aim not just to educate, but to impact behavior change around

critical social and public health initiatives. This work is done under the name Pierce Mill Entertainment & Education, 

a subsidiary of Pierce Mill Media. 


Some of our projects...



Pierce Mill Media designed, wrote, and produced a six part documentary on the power and wonder of seeds and how much they impact our lives--often in ways we never consider 


Award winner Pierce Mill
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Faces of Hunger Sho

What we do

We use entertainment for behavior change. With this approach, new ideas can be disseminated within a cultural context using compelling stories and narratives that connect to people through character identification and recognizable situations. Today, EE can be delivered using all kinds of different media and on every kind of device.

We work closely with those on the ground to understand the cultural dynamics that influence why people do what they do.

Our award-winning programs lead to positive behavior change, because they touch the imagination and offer viable paths forward.

Social & Behavior 
Change Media 

We humanize huge, impersonal ideas. Agriculture, business, geopolitics, food security to help share your story and show what you're actually doing. 

Clients often give us big abstract concepts and ideas. In them, we find embedded stories that connect to your audience through compelling human experiences. By entertaining them, we are able to educate about a given topic, without being educational. ​ 


We provide end-to-end consulting on how to build media projects and SBCC programming into your organization’s strategy.

As with everything we do, telling stories is at the core. Uncovering relatable stories and identifiable characters gives audiences the efficacy and confidence to change. 


We've helped institutions expand through innovative training programs, media products that positively impact behavior, and novel approaches to using media to reach hard to reach audiences. 


Time spent in online learning is time away from playing with your kids, walking your dog, running through the park, or reading a good book. So it’s important that the time spent is worthwhile.

We build story-based curriculums that are fun, to the point, and quantifiably effective.

Built on entertainment-education principles, each curriculum is custom-built for your organization and uses the full range of media expertise from our media collaborative.

Online Curriculums

We transform your ideas into compelling stories that highlight your mission and help effectively position your organization. As a mission driven organization or non-profit, this approach can help educate your audience in a watchable and shareable way about what you do. 

We create fictional live-action, historical, and biographical content for your website, YouTube, or live events. 


Branded Content

We take Research seriously...

In educational programming, research is critical to understand what is working, what is impacting behavior, what are people learning, how is your message coming through, and how the value of your story is understood. We keep research and learning at the forefront throughout the lifecycle of all of our programs in order to answer these questions. 

We employ any number of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, to establish correlation and when possible causality. Through pre and posttest evaluations, we are able to see trends and to make programmatic adjustments to maximize impact. These data help clients develop broader understanding of what media programs and stories make the biggest impressions on their audience. As importantly, these data help justify educational media programs and demonstrate their power to effect change. 


Meet The Team

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Walker Lambert
Producer | Writer | Researcher

Walker has fifteen years’ experience producing, writing, and directing video and live productions with a speciality in educational and social impact media, both internationally and domestically. He loves the challenge of uncovering stories to communicate complex messages and ideas in persuasive and captivating ways. A former professional actor, he studied English at the University of Chicago and social change entertainment at Johns Hopkins.


Karolina Jasinska de Benavides
Creative Director | Strategic Consultant


Inspired by Polish cinema, Karolina left economics for work in filmmaking and media consulting. She coupled her love of cinema and a degree in Int'l Relations to help evangelize the power and potential of social and behavior change communications.   She's always after creative ways to stretch media budgets as much as possible—to create the most beautiful and effective productions under any circumstance. Her artistic, unyielding eye keeps projects compelling and sincere. 


David Hammer
Producer | Editor

A Emmy-winning filmmaker for over 30 years, David has an MFA in filmmaking from Columbia University's film school in New York and is the winner of a Cine Golden Eagle award for excellence in filmmaking and numerous other awards for producing, editing, directing, and cinematography. He's a documentary specialist and has created dozens of docs, with a focus on art and the creative process. 


Lisa Ebersole 

Writer | Producer

Lisa Ebersole is an award-winning Writer. Her comedy series 37 PROBLEMS launched on Amazon and was recently acquired by Elizabeth Banks’ WHOHAHA and Xfinity. She used to be a producer for Disney Interactive and was an Off-Broadway Playwright for ten years writing and directing multiple plays with extended runs. Lisa holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA and a BA in English from NYU. She has taught screenwriting and filmmaking at UCLA, NYU, The Writing Intensive and New York Film Academy. 


John Napolitano
Director of Photography

Always after the perfect moment, John can make any shot work. It’s a type of superpower that he honed in the Marines during time in Iraq. Bad light, awkward room setup, construction outside, he finds a way to create a beautiful shot. This talent comes in handy when working with VIPs who are always in a rush. A graduate of American University’s MFA program in film, John has shot all over the world in every conceivable situation, primarily using RED Dragon and Sony FS7.


Carl Colby
Writer | Director

An Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, Carl’s feature-length documentary THE MAN NOBODY KNEW: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby was a New York Times Critics Pick. Carl has worked with and interviewed some of the most influential cultural icons of recent times, including Franz Kline, Willem De Kooning, Bob Marley, Frank Gehry, George Hurrell and Franco Zeffirelli. Carl was born in Washington, DC, graduated from Georgetown University and lived in New York and Los Angeles before returning to Washington to be closer to the action. 


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We work in unforgettable settings around the world and shoot and edit endlessly interesting topics. 

We're always looking for new collaborators to take the art further in all kinds of fields, from editors, to VFX experts, to researchers. Drop us a line or Join Us.



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