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Ten on Tenet + One

for Carl Colby Films

“George Tenet held a consequential job at a consequential time”
- George W. Bush

As one of the most consequential directors of the CIA, George Tenet is a somewhat misunderstood figure, overseeing the agency at the time of its greatest failure: 9/11. 


During the Clinton Administration, he had arrived at CIA only to find it beset by a lack of funding, lack of motivation, and lack of mission, just as the threat of Al-Qauda was burgeoning. He fought relentlessly to bring the agency back to relevance and convince the bureaucratic machine that Al-Qaida was a deadly serious threat.

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People listened, but as with any large bureaucracy, movement was slow. In this case, tragically so. 


September 11 changed everything for the CIA. The President gave them a powerful new mandate, and Director Tenet was at the helm ready to put it in place and put it in place fast.

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When renowned intelligence filmmaker Carl Colby asked Pierce Mill Media to produce a short film about George Tenet, we knew immediately that the story would best be told through the words of his peers. 


Through a series of interviews with those that were in the room, we see a unique perspective on a man who was in an impossible position at an impossible time.

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